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Battlelands Royale Hack 2020 – Free Gems & BattleBucks

New in-game resource generator for you!

Today we released a brand new hack and this time it is for, in our opinion, the best Battle Royale for mobile phones, Battlelands Royale Hack. If you are in need of free gems and battlebucks you are on the right spot.

You can have unlimited amounts in just a few minutes.

About the game:

Fight to the death in a new 32 player per game Battle Royale!

Exclusive to mobile, this is a casual gun game that everyone can have a blast playing. Battles are 3-5 minute long and it is a non-stop action. There are no long queue times, just join, loot and shoot everyone on sight.

You can either play solo, on i duos, and whichever you choose, Battlelands Royale brings an amazing experience. Trophies or global leaderboard placing, no matter what you are after, our Battlelands Royale Hack can help you achieve it.

Download here:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futureplay.battleground&hl=en

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/fi/app/battlelands-royale/id1296181302

Tips & Tricks

One of the best things about Battlelands Royale is that it is really simple. Mechanics are simple and intuitive, combat is very easy to grasp and when you put it together, it just works well. That all together makes for a fast paced game that takes only a few minutes, which is perfect on the go. Wherever you are you can squeeze in a quick match.

Here is a few tips that can help you along.

Armor is priority

Even before grabbing a gun make sure you find an armor. Shielding up is the first thing you want to do since it will make you a lot harder to kill. Like weapons and health kits, armor can be found all along the play area, so keep an eye open for it from the very start of the match.

Track your damage

Whenever you deal damage to someone, or take damage, there will be numbers popping up on screen. Good damage tracking is important as it will let you know when you should go defensive or offensive. If you dealt much more damage to the enemy than you took, keep pushing and finish him off as fast as you can. On the other hand, if you received more damage, you can pull back a bit and play it safe.

Rush for air drops

If you managed to stay alive for some time, there will be a support plane that will drop a box with random loot into the area. Standing next to that drop makes you unlock armor, health or other items.

More About Battlelands Royale Hack

We finally come to what are you all here for, Free Gems and BattleBucks!

It is simple, intuitive and easy to use. In just a few minutes you will have more resources than you will ever need in the game.

Follow the link below to use our generator:

How to use it

Here is how it looks when you open it:

Battlelands Royale Hack

At first, you need to enter your username. After that, select the platform and, we highly recommend it, enable encryption. It is not essential, but it is just a one more precaution step. Then, when you connect, select the amount of resources and let the generator do the magic!

In the end, there will be a short human verification that protects the generator from automated traffic (bots). As soon as you are done with it, resources will be loaded into your account.


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