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How to get Free Wildcat Skin – Fortnite Wildcat Bundle Code Generator 2022

This post is about how to get a free Wildcat skin in Fortnite, but first let’s say something about skin itself.

One of the most popular Fortnite bundles, if not the most popular, in the past year was for sure the Wildcat Bundle. Maybe it was the price. It can only be obtained along with a Nintendo Switch, so you have to spend around $300 to get it. Too expensive for skin, right? We think so too. So we developed Free Wildcat Skin Code Generator. It takes only a few minutes, it is really easy to use, and most importantly, it is completely free Wildcat skin.

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Free Wildcat Skin Code 2022

Free Wildcat Skin Code

The button below will take you to our generator:

Once you are there, you really can’t go wrong. First, input your Fortnite username. Make sure the username is correct because if you make a mistake it will import the skin to the wrong account. Then, select the additional bonus. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick if you are only after the skin, each will get you the Free Wildcat Skin, but if you are in need of VBucks as well, we recommend going for the 10k additional VBucks. When you are done with that part, just press Continue and wait for the generator to do the magic.

Due to high bot traffic, we added a simple human verification step. It will take maybe a minute. After successful completion of the Human Verification, the Wildcat skin code generator will proceed to the last part of adding the Wildcat Skin to your account. Now, just restart the game and enjoy your new skin!

What is Wildcat Bundle?

If you found this article but don’t know what it is about, here is a few things about the Fortnite Wildcat Bundle.

Special Fortnite edition Nintendo Switch was released last fall named Nintendo Switch™ Fortnite Wildcat Bundle. It had a unique design, with blue and yellow Joy-Cons, came with a Fortnite game pre-installed, code for The Wildcat Bundle and an additional 2,000 VBucks. The bundle is an in-game item pack that consists of a Sleek Strike Back Bling and the Wildcat Outfit.

There was no other way to get those two skins without buying the Nintendo Switch or maybe getting a code from some of the online resellers for a steep price. Now, thanks to our generator, there is. Get it for free while it is still available.

Use this Wildcat skin and start the game.

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